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Projects: WiiConnect / WiiRider

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WiiRider can be controlled by the motion sensors of the Nintendo Wii-controller!
Controlling a game on a mobile phone is often a bigger challenge than the game itself — with tiny buttons that are close together, playing a game can be cumbersome and inaccurate. Therefore, designers always have to adapt the games to the keyboard of mobile phones, which naturally limits the possibilities.

"WiiConnect — WiiRider" is going to change this situation.

WiiConnect is a Bluetooth-driver for S60 phones, which enables you to play games with the Nintendo Wiimote — the innovative controller of the Nintendo Wii. It allows using the exciting features of the Wiimote, including the 3D accelerometer and rumble functionality. WiiConnect enables you to play party games directly on / through your mobile phone. This guarantees fun on the move without having to pay a fortune. WiiConnect is very easy to use — activate Bluetooth on your phone, start the driver and you’re connected to the Wiimote.

WiiRider is a motorcycle game for your mobile phone. Using the Wiimote, the game guarantees to be a lot of fun. The controls simulate driving with a motorcycle on a country road. You have to hold the Wiimote like the handlebar of a motorcycle. To accelerate, you symbolically open the throttle by turning the controller. Moving left or right is equally controlled by your motion – you do not have to press any buttons to play the game.

To make the game more challenging, you have to evade several obstacles like cows and pigs, but you should try to collect petrol cans to fill up your energy. The goal of the game is to keep up as long as possible!

Quick Facts

WiiConnect manages the Bluetooth-connection to the Wiimote and can provide this input to other applications.


  • Forum for Mobile CommunicationForum for Mobile Communication (2007): 2nd place


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  • September 2007


  • Freeware

More Information

Additional trademarks: Nintendo, Nintendo Wii and Wiimote are trademarks of Nintendo.
This project is in no way endorsed by Nintendo.


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