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Projects: Mobile Doctor

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Medicine men can help in case of traffic accidents, but are difficult to find in unknown areas.
MobileDoc helps injured persons in emerging markets with instantly finding nearby hospitals or medicine men.

During a trip to Nigeria last summer, we noticed the rapid uptake of modern lifestyle and mobile phones. On the other hand side, hospitals were scarce, too expensive and lacking in equipment. Therefore, people rather put their trust in medicine men, which can cure diseases using natural means.

Nurses at the hospitals told us about an explosive increase of traffic accidents, mainly due to bad roads and incautious driving habits. Especially combined with omnipresent motorcycles and the resulting increased mobility, it happens far more often that people get to regions new to them.

In the case of an injury because of a traffic accident, the problem is how to find help as fast as possible.

MobileDoc consists of two parts. The client for doctors (DocMaster) lets medicine men and hospitals register the diseases and injuries they can cure. When activated, their location is constantly broadcasted to the web server.

The end-user client widget allows selecting the area of the injury using only graphics, therefore providing an interface that can easily be used in emergency situations by illiterates. After only two touches, the map of the surroundings appears; nearby medical help is clearly indicated.

The widget requires S60 5th Edition. The Python-script for doctors runs on S60 3rd Ed., FP2+.

Quick Facts

The client makes it easy to find proper help near the client for the disease or injury.


Developed by


  • February 2009


  • Freeware


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