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Projects: The Journey

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The Journey by Mopius
Read a thrilling detective story while walking around in your city.
"The Journey" is the world's first mobile adventure game. In the role of a detective, you uncover a thrilling mystery. Like a real detective, you can't do that by sitting around at home - you now have to walk around in your real surroundings to get to the different locations in the game!

You might think that location based gaming is a buzzword and that nobody can play without special and expensive equipment – you're wrong. "The Journey" works on any S60 phone right away, without requiring a GPS-receiver. Plus: the location detection is entirely free!

The game "The Journey" was created to do pioneering experiments with using the unique IDs of network masts to detect the movment of the player. While this does not give the application the real location of the player in the world, the game is still able to detect when the player has moved, as the mobile phone always logs in to the network mast with the strongest signal – resulting in a different network mast ID.

Being more like a tech-demo instead of a fully interactive game, the game still managed to revolutionize gameplay on mobile phones. Up to now, the game has been downloaded more than 70.000 times. Due to its revolutionary concepts, it won several awards worldwide, was featured on TV and is mentioned in almost every scientific document regarding new ways of mobile gameplay.

For the new S60 3rd Ed. version of the game, many aspects of the game have been rewritten, so that it relies 100% on vector graphics instead of bitmaps. Many other internal aspects have been improved as well. The application is again released as Open Source and passed the Freeware Symbian Signed-testing.

Quick Facts

The Journey by Mopius
The S60 3.x / 5.x-version dynamically adapts to all screen resolutions and orientations by using vector graphics.


  • Austrian Multimedia and e-business State PriceAustrian Multimedia and e-business State Price (2004): Finalist, Jury award
  • Europrix Multimedia AwardEuroprix Multimedia Award (2004): Finalist, Jury-Award
  • Symbian Open Summer (, 2004): 1st place


  • S60 1.x
  • S60 2.x
  • S60 3.x
  • S60 5.x
  • Maturity level:
    Mature  Mature

Developed by


  • June 2004


  • Freeware, Source code available under the GPL-license

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