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Projects: HourPower

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HourPower by Andreas Jakl
Let your phone speak the time in the morning!
You know the situation - you experience it almost every day: When you wake up in the morning, you'll want to know the time.

Of course you could take a look at the alarm clock, but that would imply looking at the small clock on your bedside table. If you have a clock that's able to project the time on the ceiling, it's better - but still, you have to get your eyes into a state where they can focus at the numbers. This is where talking alarm clocks come in handy. But you might not have one. However, you do have a mobile phone. Why not let the phone read the time for you?

This is exactly where HourPower comes into play. It reads the current system time out aloud - nothing else. No fancy UI, nothing to configure. Just press the button and hear the time. Put it on a softkey of the standby-screen for maximum comfort.

HourPower uses the built-in text to speech-engine of S60 phones. English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese are currently supported. If your phone is running a different language, you might not get the optimal experience: your phone will try to speak the default English words, but use your local dialect. In that case, you're welcome to translate the words (and - if necessary - extend the source code to make sure that all possible counting-irregularities in your language are properly handled) and send it to us: HourPower is open source and licensed under the GPL!

Quick Facts

Forget your projecting alarm clock.
Forget your projecting alarm clock.


  • S60 3.x / 5.x
  • Maturity level:
    Mature  Mature

Developed by

  • Andreas Jakl
  • Thanks to: Thiago Martins for his help with integrating Brazilian Portuguese
  • mdmNOKIA for the Italian translation


  • March 2007
  • Latest update: June 2009 (v1.6.0)


  • Freeware (GPL 3)

More Information

  • HourPower Article: "Mobile Morning" (originally published at the Forum Nokia Blogs)
  • Please contact the developer for more information.


Changelog: Included in the download.

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