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Projects: gBoarder

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Record amazing statistics about your snowboarding talent!
gBoarder is a unique entertainment application that analyzes your movements while you're having fun going downhill on your snowboard. Through this innovative approach, you can now finally get exact statistics about your race, like the number of crashes or the longest jump. No more arguing with your friends who's the better snowboarder, now is the time to prove it!

The application uses the built-in acceleration sensor of the Nokia 5500 outdoor-phone to track the forces that will affect you and with that also the phone that you have in your pocket. In the background, intelligent algorithms constantly analyze the data in real time, to find out what's happening in the outside world. Special patterns are recognized; through a flexible framework it's possible to easily extend the application to detect even more patterns.

gBoarder will make the life of every snowboarding fan more interesting, additionally it can be used as an innovative gimmick for snowboarding events, where Nokia as the platform of choice for gBoarder fits in perfectly, as it is already very active in the snowboarding community.

Quick Facts

Current features of gBoarder include detection of the longest jump as well as crash detection.


  • Austrian Multimedia and e-business State PriceAustrian Multimedia and e-business State Price (2007): Jury Award


Developed by


  • February 2007
  • Updated: March 2008


  • Freeware

More Information

  • Please contact the developers for more information.


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