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Projects: CarMeter

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The On-Road mode of CarMeter displays your acceleration forces in mg.
The acceleration due to gravity at sea level is about 9.8 m/s2 – this equals 1 g. While this force is directed downwards, you can artificially generate forces in other axes - with your car.

CarMeter can measure your acceleration and displays the g-force in real time on your display! This is a fascinating new idea of how to use the acceleration sensor in a mobile phone makes driving your car even more fun!

In addition to entertainment, the application will also greatly increase your safety when driving a car. If the forces in tight turns are getting dangerous, CarMeter will instantly display an audio-visual warning – reminding you that you should probably slow down a bit.

The second mode of operations is made for driving off-road. Instead of measuring your acceleration, CarMeter constantly displays the current tilt of your car. This enables you to finally see how steep the hills you're driving on really are! Again, the application displays a warning if the tilt is beyond the usual critical tilt of the most common off-road cars.

Best of all, all of these feature are made as easy to use as possible. Just put your Nokia 5500 into the mobile phone holder of your car and start the application. CarMeter will automatically detect its orientation and calibrates so that it can measure the tilt and acceleration accurately in any possible position.

Quick Facts

If you're using the Off-Road mode, the current tilt of your car is measured - resulting in a warning if it's too high!


Developed by


  • February 2007
  • Updated: March 2008


  • Freeware

More Information

  • Please contact the developers for more information.


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